Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a pioneering cloud computing platform that revolutionizes the way businesses operate and innovate. Offering a vast array of cloud services, including computing power, storage, and databases, AWS empowers organizations to scale and deploy applications with ease. With its global reach and cutting-edge technologies, AWS enables businesses to accelerate their digital transformation, improve agility, and reduce operational costs. At DataTecha, we harness the power of AWS to craft data engineering solutions that unlock new opportunities, streamline processes, and drive success in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

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Engagement models to choose from

Choose from our flexible Engagement Models tailored to your needs: Opt for Hourly engagements for short-term tasks, Dedicated Resources for focused expertise, Team Augmentation for scalable projects, or On-Demand solutions for immediate support, ensuring your unique requirements are met with precision and efficiency.


Secured storage solutions, cost management, and archiving.


Understand the past and direct future actions.


Generate new revenue streams and leverage current data to improve value prop.

Decide & Direct

Real-time direction, fraud detection, and price optimization.

What Does Datatecha Offer?

Overall Implementation

DataTecha offers comprehensive solutions for overall implementation, ensuring seamless integration of advanced data engineering technologies tailored to your business needs.

Smooth Integration

Our services guarantee smooth integration of data solutions, enabling efficient data flow and interaction between various systems, enhancing your operational efficiency.

Expert Consulting

Benefit from expert consulting services that guide you through intricate data strategies, ensuring optimal utilization of resources and driving data-driven decision-making.

Maintenance and Support:

DataTecha provides ongoing maintenance and support, ensuring your data infrastructure remains robust and up-to-date, and offering timely assistance for a seamless and uninterrupted data experience.

How to Hire Data Engineers from Datatecha?

Requirement Assessment

We begin by conducting a thorough analysis of your business needs and data infrastructure. This includes understanding your existing AWS setup, identifying pain points, and defining goals for optimization or expansion.

Architecture Design

Based on the assessment, our team designs a robust AWS architecture that aligns with your requirements. We determine the right combination of AWS services, data storage solutions, and scalability options to create an efficient and effective setup.

Implementation & Migration

Our experts execute the planned architecture, handling the migration of data and applications to AWS. We ensure a smooth transition by carefully managing data transfer, minimizing downtime, and testing extensively to maintain data integrity.

Optimization & Management

After implementation, we continuously monitor and optimize your AWS environment to enhance performance, cost-efficiency, and security. Regular updates, patches, and improvements are implemented to ensure your AWS infrastructure remains at its best.

Why AWS Data Engineering is Important?

37% Reduced Operational Costs

49% Increased Productivity

91% Improved Data Security

Analytics-Driven Insights

Smoother Data Migration

Data And Analytics Scalability

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